Want simple, privacy-focused analytics for your Wix website? Integrate with Fullres using a straightforward process.

Add your site to Fullres

Begin by signing up for a Fullres account. Simply enter a name for the account, your email, and the URL of your Wix site:

Fullres signup

Get the tracking code

Copy the JavaScript snippet from the Settings page:

Fullres code snippet

Add the tracking code

Wix allows you to inject custom code into your landing pages and forms. Follow these steps to add the Fullres tracking code:

  1. In your Wix Dashboard, go to Settings.
  2. Choose Custom Code under the Advanced section of options.
  3. Click the + Add Custom Code button at the top-right of the page.
  4. Paste the Fullres tracking code snippet into the text box.
  5. Under Add Code to Pages, choose All Pages for site-wide analytics.
  6. Next, select Head for the Place Code in option.
  7. Then hit Apply.

Wix code injection

Congratulations! Your site is now fully integrated with Fullres Analytics. Start accessing privacy-focused insights and monitor your Wix site's performance from your Fullres dashboard.