Getting Started

Fullres is a platform for people who build, grow, monetize, and manage websites. Our goal is to help make your days building, growing, and optimizing your site more enjoyable, less hectic, and more focused on what really matters. No more logging in to ten different SaaS tools. You can get everything you need right here, nicely integrated, and with a reliable consistency across everything that will help you sleep better at night.

1. Install the script

Sign up for an account and install the script. The script should be installed right after the opening body tag in your website's code. We recommend that you DO NOT install this via a tag manager, and that you DO install it directly in your site's code. It will look something like this:


    var fullres = document.createElement('script');
    fullres.async = true;
    fullres.src = '[YOUR_SITE_KEY].js?'+(new Date()-new Date()%43200000);

2. Go to your dashboard

You will see stats start to accumulate in your account within a couple seconds after installing the script on your site and receiving your first visitor.